Protein processing and production solutions


Manage variability, inventory and market demand to improve profitability

Download the LINKFRESH Brochure

Download the LINKFRESH Brochure

LINKFRESH™ is a flexible ERP application designed to support the multiple and unique assembly, recipe and packaging requirements of Beef, Poultry, Pork and Fish processing enterprises.  Now protein processors have a single, integrated system for managing all aspects of their business.

Imagine being able to easily manage variable lot consistency and quality of raw and finished  products with pre-defined industry-standard characteristics as well as user-defined characteristics – all while optimizing inventory, co-products, by-products and responding to market demands.

Our suite of easy to use, add-on modules and applications seamlessly integrate with Microsoft Dynamics™ to allow you to gather data and see robust transaction details when and where they happen – all in real time.

LINKFRESH has specific solutions for the unique requirements of protein processing operations, including:

  • Track and trace protein and ingredients in support of USDA, GFSI and customer compliance
  • Measure yields, scale production, and product cost accounting
  • Capture and manage standard weights, shelf life, expiration dates, variable lot characteristics
  • Manage multiple product output
  • Producing as much high-margin fresh product as possible
  • Preventing missed or short orders
  • Better accountability, predictability, and scalability