Flexible solutions for Egg Operations


Feed and flock management transparency and traceability


Download the LINKFRESH Brochure

Download the LINKFRESH Brochure

Egg processors benefit from a high level ERP supply chain solution like LINKFRESH™ because of its increased transparency and integration of internal or external feed mills and management of grow and lay flocks.

Instead of maintaining standalone or different systems in each department of an egg business, LINKFRESH ERP provides a suite of easy to use, add-on modules and applications that seamlessly integrate with Microsoft Dynamics™ across the entire enterprise.  Worldwide millions of users use Microsoft Dynamics to gather data and see robust transaction details when and where they happen – all in real time.

The egg business requires the ability to customize flock standards to their own unique parameters and to see inventory which may be situated across many companies and locations – packing centers, processing and boiling facilities, egg printing operations, etc.

LINKFRESH provides solutions in a single, robust system that also efficiently handles complex operations like:

  • Tracking, tracing, grading
  • Forecasting of feed operations
  • Compliance with multiple legislative jurisdictions and requirements
  • Multiple responsibility centers
  • Multiple units of measure – weights, counts or cases
  • Depreciation as well as grow and molt costs
  • Egg, box and label printing