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Jet Reports for Microsoft Dynamics

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LINKFRESH is pleased to partner with Jet Reports to provide robust, easy-to-use reporting and Business Intelligence solutions that empower Microsoft Dynamics business users across the globe to make informed decisions. Its proven solutions are used by over 70,000 users worldwide.

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The Jet Suite of Products is an integrated reporting and business intelligence solution that ranges from individual ad-hoc reporting to enterprise level reporting and business intelligence. With Jet Reports, weather you are a single individual who needs to create your own reports, a department/small business manager that is responsible for the needs of your team, or an executive, you can find the right offering to suit your needs.

Jet Express

Jet Express is integrated reporting for Microsoft Dynamics NAV, giving individuals a simple way to create reports in Excel. Jet Express is the result of collaboration between the Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Jet Reports teams that was created to provide Excel integration for Dynamics NAV 2009 end users.

Jet Essentials

Some companies are different and have more demanding reporting requirements. Jet Essentials is designed for department level and small business reporting. Jet Essentials includes features specifically designed for communicating results and providing the additional security required for small groups.

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Jet Enterprise

Jet Enterprise is a unique system that offers full reporting as well as business intelligence based on a single version of the truth. This offering was designed to seamlessly increase the reach of your business intelligence and reporting platform to your entire organisation and beyond.

Jet Enterprise allows you to tailor information to various audiences including the format and terminology that you choose. Jet Enterprise provides operational reporting and also allows top level decision makers who typically have no idea about data structures to review patterns and trends independently.

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