LINKFRESH is fully certified for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017

For anyone in the fresh produce segment of the food supply chain, LINKFRESH™ ERP provides food supply chain software that gives real-time insight into Traceability, Food Safety and Compliance – all from a single point of reference.
Production scheduling can be extremely difficult, especially when coupled with other factors including waste management, quality management and safety procedures.  Choosing the right ERP solution can help Beef, Poultry, Pork and Fish processing organizations ensure quality, safety and cost savings.

Egg producers have unique requirements in Feed and Flock Management, Grading, Egg Printing and Breakage that LINKFRESH fulfills with a flexible solution adaptable to the complexity of their unique operations.
LINKFRESH’s Certified for Microsoft Dynamics™ ERP solutions are designed by food industry specialists to provide flexible solutions for the challenges and needs faced by food supply chain business management in an increasingly global industry.  Available now for Microsoft Dynamics NAV,  AX and D365.
  • The combination of timely claims processes, resource redeployment and improved cash flow has already produced annual savings of over £300,000 per annum.

    MARTIN PUTMAN, Director, MMD
  • It has increased our productivity and reduced issues on the shop floor. Whereas a supervisor was previously working 11 hours a day we have now reduced his day down to 9 hours. I’d estimate that we are saving £700 a week in reduced labor costs at this site alone.

    Brian Crane, Dispatch Manager of G’s Barway Services
  • What’s great about LINKFRESH is that it has been designed specifically for the fresh food industry with the required functionality for product tracing and ‘sell by/best by’ monitoring and controls.

    Avril Ritchie, contracts supplies farms auditor at Noble Foods